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Lock <drive> [ON|OFF] [<passkey>]




Lock will cause the specified device or partition to be made write-
protected or write-enabled. This write protection is a soft write
protection which is handled by the volume filesystem. Hence the
protection will be reset (to writable) on the next system reboot.

It is possible to specify an optional passkey which can be used to
password protect the locking. The same passkey that is used to lock
the volume must be used to unlock the volume. The passkey may be
any number of characters in length.

The volume given MUST be the device or root volume name, not an


1.SYS:> Lock Work:

    This will lock the volume called Work: without a passkey.

1.SYS:> Lock Work:
1.SYS:> MakeDir Work:SomeDir
Can't create directory Work:Test
MakeDir: Disk is write-protected

    The volume Work: is locked, so it is impossible to create a

1.SYS:> Lock Work: OFF

    This will unlock the volume work.

1.SYS:> Lock Work: MyPassword

    This will lock Work: with the passkey "MyPassword"

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