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Version [<library|device|file>] [<version #>] [<revision #>] [FILE] [FULL] [RES]




Prints or checks the version and revision information of a file, library or device.


NAME      -- name of file, library or device to check. If not given it
             prints version and revision of Kickstart.
MD5SUM    -- message-digest computation
VERSION   -- checks for version and returns error code 5 (warn) if the
             version of the file is lower.
REVISION  -- checks for revision and returns error code 5 (warn) if the
             revision of the file is lower.
FILE      -- reads from file and ignores currently loaded libraries and devices
FULL      -- prints additional information
RES       -- gets version of resident commands
ARCH      -- displays architecture information about a file


If the tag contains a trailing space and dollar sign, you may use the Unix command ident.

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