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Evaluate an integer expression and print the result. The result is
written to standard output if not the TO switch are used which instead
prints the result to a file. Using the switch LFORMAT, it is
possible to direct how to write the result. Numbers prefixed by
0x or #x are interpreted as hexadecimal and those prefixed by # or 0
are interpreted as octals. Alphabetical characters are indicated
by a leading single quotation mark ('), and are evaluated as their
ASCII equivalent.


VALUE2      --  The expression to evaluate. The following operators
                are supported

                Operator              Symbols
                addition              +
                subtraction           -
                multiplication        *
                division              /
                modulo                mod, M, m, %
                bitwise and           &
                bitwise or            |
                bitwise not           ~
                left shift            lsh, L, l
                right shift           rsh, R, r
                negation              -
                exclusive or          xor, X, x
                bitwise equivalence   eqv, E, e

TO          --  File to write the result to
LFORMAT     --  printf-like specification of what to write.
                The possible swiches are:

                %xd --  hexadecimal output, width digit d
                %od --  octal output, width digit d
                %n  --  decimal output
                %c  --  character output (the ANSI-character
                        corresponding to the result value)

                By specifying *n in the LFORMAT string, a newline
                is output.

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