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Dir [(dir | pattern)] [OPT A | I | D | F] [ALL] [DIRS] [FILES] [INTER]




DIR displays the file or directory contained in the current or
specified directory. Directories get listed first, then in alphabetical
order, the files are listed in two columns. Pressing CTRL-C aborts the
directory listing.


ALL    --  Display all subdirectories and their files recursively.
DIRS   --  Display only directories.
FILES  --  Display only files.
INTER  --  Enter interactive mode.

           Interactive listing mode stops after each name to display
           a question mark at which you can enter commands. These
           commands are:

           Return      --  Goto the next file or directory.
           E/ENTER     --  Enters a directory.
           B/BACK      --  Go back one directory level.
           DEL/DELETE  --  Delete a file or an empty directory.
           T/TYPE      --  Display content of a file.
           C/COM       --  Let the file or directory be the input of
                           a DOS command (which specified after the C or
                           COM or specified separately later).
           Q/QUIT      --  Quit interactive mode.


Interactive mode isn't fully working. It only walks stepwise
through the directory.

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