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AROS Zune Development Manual -- Method And Attribute Identifiers


Reserved ranges

  • The range 0x90400000-0x904FFFFF is reserved by AROS.
  • The range 0x90420000-0x9042FFFF is reserved for core Zune classes, i.e. internal classes in muimaster.library (Subversion:workbench/libs/muimaster).
  • The range 0x90470000-0x9047FFFF is reserved for core AROS classes, i.e. external classes (Subversion:workbench/classes/zune).

For convenience, the following defines are available:

MUIB_MUI  = TAG_USER                   = 0x80000000  /* Base for legacy MUI identifiers   */
MUIB_RSVD = (MUIB_MUI   |  0x10400000) = 0x90400000  /* Base for AROS reserved range      */
MUIB_ZUNE = (MUIB_RSVD  |  0x00020000) = 0x90420000  /* Base for Zune core reserved range */
MUIB_AROS = (MUIB_RSVD  |  0x00070000) = 0x90470000  /* Base for AROS core reserved range */

Allocating identifiers

The identifiers are on the form (BASE | 0x0000ccnn), where:

  • BASE is either MUIB_ZUNE or MUIB_AROS.
  • cc is the class number.
  • nn is the method or attribute number.

Class, method and attribute numbers are allocated sequentially to make it easy to find unused slots. Method and attribute identifiers are separate number spaces, so a method can (and most likely will) have the same identifier as an attribute.

When creating a new class, first select the appropriate BASE depending on the type of class. Then allocate the class number by picking the lowest available number. The first method (and the first attribute) of this class will then have the identifier (BASE | 0x0000cc00 | 0x00000000), the second (BASE | 0x0000cc00 | 0x00000001) and so on.


Always make sure to update the registry in the following section when creating new classes, methods or attributes! This is required to make sure that there are no identifier clashes.


All existing MUI classes will get their own subranges within the core Zune range, where one will allocate identifiers for Zune extensions to these classes (e.g. when adding a new method to MUIC_Window).


AROS core classes


Base Name Class
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000000) MUIB_Clock Clock.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000100) MUIB_Calendar Calendar.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000200) MUIB_PrefsWindow PrefsWindow.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000300) MUIB_IconImage IconImage.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000400) MUIB_AboutWindow AboutWindow.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000500) MUIB_PrefsEditor PrefsEditor.mcc
(MUIB_AROS | 0x00000600) MUIB_SystemPrefsWindow SystemPrefsWindow.mcc

Class: Clock.mcc

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000000) MUIM_Clock_Timer  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000000) MUIA_Clock_Hour   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000001) MUIA_Clock_Min   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000002) MUIA_Clock_Sec   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000003) MUIA_Clock_Time X X X   struct ClockData *
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000004) MUIA_Clock_Ticked         BOOL
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000005) MUIA_Clock_Frozen X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_Clock | 0x00000006) MUIA_Clock_EditHand X X X   WORD

Class: Calendar.mcc

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000000) MUIA_Calendar_Date X X X   struct ClockData *
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000001) MUIA_Calendar_MonthDay   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000002) MUIA_Calendar_MonthDay0   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000003) MUIA_Calendar_Month   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000004) MUIA_Calendar_Month0   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000005) MUIA_Calendar_Year   X X   UWORD
(MUIB_Calendar | 0x00000006) MUIA_Calendar_DayLabels X       STRPTR [12]

Class: PrefsWindow.mcc

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000000) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Test  
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000001) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Revert  
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000002) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Save  
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000003) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Use  
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000004) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Cancel  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000000) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Test_Disabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000001) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Revert_Disabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000002) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Save_Disabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000003) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Use_Disabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_PrefsWindow | 0x00000004) MUIM_PrefsWindow_Cancel_Disabled X X X   BOOL

Class: IconImage.mcc

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_IconImage | 0x00000000) MUIA_IconImage_DiskObject X       struct DiskObject *
(MUIB_IconImage | 0x00000001) MUIA_IconImage_File X       CONST_STRPTR

Class: AboutWindow.mcc

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000000) MUIA_AboutWindow_Image X       Object *
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000001) MUIA_AboutWindow_Title X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000002) MUIA_AboutWindow_Version_Number X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000003) MUIA_AboutWindow_Version_Date X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000004) MUIA_AboutWindow_Version_Extra X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000005) MUIA_AboutWindow_Copyright X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000006) MUIA_AboutWindow_Description X       CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000007) MUIA_AboutWindow_Authors X       struct TagItem *
(MUIB_AboutWindow | 0x00000008 MUIA_AboutWindow_Sponsors X       struct TagItem *

Zune core classes


Base Name Class
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004000) MUIB_ChunkyImage ChunkyImage.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004100) MUIB_Scrollbutton Scrollbutton.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004200) MUIB_IconList IconList.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004300) MUIB_IconDrawerList IconDrawerList.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004400) MUIB_IconVolumeList IconVolumeList.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00004500) MUIB_IconListview IconListview.mui

Class: ChunkyImage.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_ChunkyImage | 0x00000000) MUIA_ChunkyImage_Pixels X X X   UBYTE *
(MUIB_ChunkyImage | 0x00000001) MUIA_ChunkyImage_Palette X X X   UBYTE *
(MUIB_ChunkyImage | 0x00000002) MUIA_ChunkyImage_NumColors X X X   LONG
(MUIB_ChunkyImage | 0x00000003) MUIA_ChunkyImage_Modulo X X X   LONG

Class: Scrollbutton.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Scrollbutton | 0x00000000) MUIA_Scrollbutton_NewPosition     X   ULONG
(MUIB_Scrollbutton | 0x00000001) MUIA_Scrollbutton_Horiz   X X   WORD
(MUIB_Scrollbutton | 0x00000002) MUIA_Scrollbutton_Vert   X X   WORD
(MUIB_Scrollbutton | 0x00000003) MUIA_Scrollbutton_HorizProp     X   Object *
(MUIB_Scrollbutton | 0x00000004) MUIA_Scrollbutton_VertProp     X   Object *

Class: IconList.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000000) MUIM_IconList_Clear  
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000001) MUIM_IconList_Update  
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000002) MUIM_IconList_Add  
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000003) MUIM_IconList_NextSelected  
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000004) MUIM_IconList_UnselectAll  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000000) MUIA_IconList_DoubleClick     X   BOOL
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000001) MUIA_IconList_Left     X   LONG
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000002) MUIA_IconList_Top     X   LONG
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000003) MUIA_IconList_Width     X   LONG
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000004) MUIA_IconList_Height     X   LONG
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000005) MUIA_IconList_IconsDropped     X   struct IconList_Entry *
(MUIB_IconList | 0x00000006) MUIA_IconList_Clicked     X   struct IconList_Click *

Class: IconDrawerList.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_IconDrawerList | 0x00000000) MUIA_IconDrawerList_Drawer X X X   LONG

Class: IconVolumeList.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: IconListview.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_IconListview | 0x00000000) MUIA_IconListview_IconList X   X   Object *
(MUIB_IconListview | 0x00000001) MUIA_IconListview_UseWinBorder X       BOOL

Zune extensions to legacy MUI classes


Base Name Class
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000000) MUIB_Aboutmui Aboutmui.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000100) MUIB_Application Application.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000200) MUIB_Area Area.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000300) MUIB_Balance Balance.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000400) MUIB_Bitmap Bitmap.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000500) MUIB_Bodychunk Bodychunk.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000600) MUIB_Boopsi Boopsi.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000700) MUIB_Coloradjust Coloradjust.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000800) MUIB_Colorfield Colorfield.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000900) MUIB_Configdata Configdata.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000a00) MUIB_Cycle Cycle.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000b00) MUIB_Dataspace Dataspace.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000c00) MUIB_Family Family.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000d00) MUIB_Frameadjust Frameadjust.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000e00) MUIB_Framedisplay Framedisplay.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00000f00) MUIB_Gauge Gauge.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001000) MUIB_Group Group.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001100) MUIB_Imageadjust Imageadjust.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001200) MUIB_Imagedisplay Imagedisplay.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001300) MUIB_Image Image.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001400) MUIB_List List.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001500) MUIB_Floattext Floattext.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001600) MUIB_Volumelist Volumelist.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001700) MUIB_Scrmodelist Scrmodelist.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001800) MUIB_Dirlist Dirlist.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001900) MUIB_Listview Listview.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001a00) MUIB_Menustrip Menustrip.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001b00) MUIB_Menu Menu.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001c00) MUIB_Menuitem Menuitem.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001d00) MUIB_Notify Notify.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001e00) MUIB_Numeric Numeric.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00001f00) MUIB_Penadjust Penadjust.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002000) MUIB_Pendisplay Pendisplay.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002100) MUIB_Popasl Popasl.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002200) MUIB_Popframe Popframe.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002300) MUIB_Popimage Popimage.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002400) MUIB_Popobject Popobject.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002500) MUIB_Poplist Poplist.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002600) MUIB_Popscreen Popscreen.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002700) MUIB_Poppen Poppen.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002800) MUIB_Popstring Popstring.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002900) MUIB_Prop Prop.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002a00) MUIB_Radio Radio.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002b00) MUIB_Rectangle Rectange.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002c00) MUIB_Register Register.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002d00) MUIB_Scale Scale.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002e00) MUIB_Scrollbar Scrollbar.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00002f00) MUIB_Scrollgroup Scrollgroup.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003000) MUIB_Semaphore Semaphore.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003100) MUIB_Settingsgroup Settingsgroup.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003200) MUIB_Settings Settings.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003300) MUIB_Slider Slider.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003400) MUIB_String String.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003500) MUIB_Text Text.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003600) MUIB_Window Window.mui
(MUIB_ZUNE | 0x00003700) MUIB_Virtgroup Virtgroup.mui

Class: Application.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000000) MUIM_Application_SetConfigdata  
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000001) MUIM_Application_OpenWindows  
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000002) MUIM_Application_Iconify  
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000003) MUIM_Application_Execute  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000000) MUIA_Application_Configdata   X     Object *
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000001) MUIA_Application_Version_Number X   X   CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000002) MUIA_Application_Version_Date X   X   CONST_STRPTR
(MUIB_Application | 0x00000003) MUIA_Application_Version_Extra X   X   CONST_STRPTR

Class: Area.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Area | 0x00000000) MUIM_Layout  
(MUIB_Area | 0x00000001) MUIM_DrawParentBackground  
(MUIB_Area | 0x00000002) MUIM_DragQueryExtended X
(MUIB_Area | 0x00000003) MUIM_Timer X
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Area | 0x00000000) MUIA_NestedDisabled X X X   BOOL

Class: Balance.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Balance | 0x00000000) MUIA_Balance_Quiet X       LONG

Class: Boopsi.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Boopsi | 0x00000000) MUIA_Boopsi_OnlyTrigger   X   X BOOL

Class: Configdata.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000000) MUIM_Configdata_GetString  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000001) MUIM_Configdata_GetULong  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000002) MUIM_Configdata_SetULong  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000003) MUIM_Configdata_SetImspec  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000004) MUIM_Configdata_SetFramespec  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000005) MUIM_Configdata_SetFont  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000006) MUIM_Configdata_Save  
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000007) MUIM_Configdata_Load  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000000) MUIA_Configdata_Application X       Object *
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000001) MUIA_Configdata_ZunePrefs     X X struct ZunePrefsNew *
(MUIB_Configdata | 0x00000002) MUIA_Configdata_ApplicationBase X       Object *

Class: Frameadjust.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Frameadjust | 0x00000000) MUIA_Frameadjust_Spec X   X   CONST_STRPTR

Class: Gauge.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Gauge | 0x00000000) MUIA_Gauge_DupInfoText X       BOOL

Class: Group.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Group | 0x00000000) MUIM_Group_DoMethodNoForward  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Group | 0x00000000) MUIA_Group_Virtual X       BOOL

Class: Imageadjust.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Imageadjust | 0x00000000) MUIM_Imageadjust_ReadExternal X

Class: Imagedisplay.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Imagedisplay | 0x00000000) MUIA_Imagedisplay_FreeHoriz X       BOOL
(MUIB_Imagedisplay | 0x00000001) MUIA_Imagedisplay_FreeVert X       BOOL

Class: List.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_List | 0x00000004) MUIM_List_SelectChange X
(MUIB_List | 0x00000005) MUIM_List_InsertSingleAsTree (removed)  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_List | 0x00000000) MUIA_List_HorizProp_Entries       X LONG
(MUIB_List | 0x00000001) MUIA_List_HorizProp_Visible       X LONG
(MUIB_List | 0x00000002) MUIA_List_HorizProp_First       X LONG


Additionally, the following attribute aliases are also defined:

From To
MUIA_List_VertProp_Entries MUIA_List_Prop_Entries
MUIA_List_VertProp_Visible MUIA_List_Prop_Visible
MUIA_List_VertProp_First MUIA_List_Prop_First

Class: Menuitem.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Menuitem | 0x00000000) MUIA_Menuitem_NewMenu     X   struct NewMenu *

Class: Notify.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Notify | 0x00000000) MUIM_ConnectParent  
(MUIB_Notify | 0x00000001) MUIM_DisconnectParent  

Class: Penadjust.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Penadjust | 0x00000000) MUIA_Penadjust_Spec X X X X struct MUI_Penspec *

Class: Popframe.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Popframe | 0x00000000) MUIM_Popframe_OpenWindow X
(MUIB_Popframe | 0x00000001) MUIM_Popframe_CloseWindow X

Class: Popimage.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Popimage | 0x00000000) MUIM_Popimage_OpenWindow X
(MUIB_Popimage | 0x00000001) MUIM_Popimage_CloseWindow X

Class: Poppen.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Poppen | 0x00000000) MUIM_Poppen_OpenWindow X
(MUIB_Poppen | 0x00000001) MUIM_Poppen_CloseWindow X

Class: Prop.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Prop | 0x00000000) MUIA_Prop_OnlyTrigger   X   X BOOL

Class: Text.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Text | 0x00000000) MUIA_Text_Editable X       BOOL
(MUIB_Text | 0x00000001) MUIA_Text_Multiline X       BOOL

Class: Window.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000000) MUIM_Window_AddControlCharHandler X
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000001) MUIM_Window_AllocGadgetID  
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000002) MUIM_Window_DrawBackground X
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000003) MUIM_Window_DragObject X
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000004) MUIM_Window_FreeGadgetID  
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000005) MUIM_Window_RecalcDisplay X
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000006) MUIM_Window_RemControlCharHandler X
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000000) MUIA_Window_EraseArea X       BOOL
(MUIB_Window | 0x00000001) MUIA_Window_WandererBackdrop   X     BOOL

Legacy MUI methods and attributes

Class: Aboutmui.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422523) MUIA_Aboutmui_Application X       Object *

Class: Application.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d21d) MUIM_Application_AboutMUI  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f099) MUIM_Application_AddInputHandler  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424d68) MUIM_Application_CheckRefresh  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c0a7) MUIM_Application_GetMenuCheck  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a58f) MUIM_Application_GetMenuState  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d0f5) MUIM_Application_Input  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427e59) MUIM_Application_InputBuffered  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f90d) MUIM_Application_Load  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423ba6) MUIM_Application_NewInput  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004299ba) MUIM_Application_OpenConfigWindow  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429ef8) MUIM_Application_PushMethod  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e7af) MUIM_Application_RemInputHandler  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004276ef) MUIM_Application_ReturnID  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004227ef) MUIM_Application_Save  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424a80) MUIM_Application_SetConfigItem  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a707) MUIM_Application_SetMenuCheck  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428bef) MUIM_Application_SetMenuState  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426479) MUIM_Application_ShowHelp  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004260ab) MUIA_Application_Active X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424842) MUIA_Application_Author X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e07a) MUIA_Application_Base X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dbce) MUIA_Application_Broker     X   Broker *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428f4b) MUIA_Application_BrokerHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e0ad) MUIA_Application_BrokerPort X X X   struct MsgPort *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c8d0) MUIA_Application_BrokerPri X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428648) MUIA_Application_Commands X X X   struct MUI_Command *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ef4d) MUIA_Application_Copyright X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421fc6) MUIA_Application_Description X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004235cb) MUIA_Application_DiskObject X X X   struct DiskObject *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423bc6) MUIA_Application_DoubleStart     X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421266) MUIA_Application_DropObject X X     Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004257df) MUIA_Application_ForceQuit     X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004293f4) MUIA_Application_HelpFile X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a07f) MUIA_Application_Iconified   X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428961) MUIA_Application_MenuAction     X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042540b) MUIA_Application_MenuHelp     X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004252d9) MUIA_Application_Menustrip X       Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427c42) MUIA_Application_RexxHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fd88) MUIA_Application_RexxMsg     X   struct RxMsg *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d711) MUIA_Application_RexxString   X     STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a2c8) MUIA_Application_SingleTask X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425711) MUIA_Application_Sleep   X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004281b8) MUIA_Application_Title X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425ee5) MUIA_Application_UseCommodities X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e9a7) MUIA_Application_UsedClasses X       STRPTR []
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422387) MUIA_Application_UseRexx X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b33f) MUIA_Application_Version X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bfe0) MUIA_Application_Window X       Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429abe) MUIA_Application_WindowList     X   struct List *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420e1f) MUIA_Application_Menu X   X   struct NewMenu *

Class: Area.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423874) MUIM_AskMinMax  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d985) MUIM_Cleanup  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429d2e) MUIM_ContextMenuBuild  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420f0e) MUIM_ContextMenuChoice  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421c41) MUIM_CreateBubble  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042eb6f) MUIM_CreateDragImage  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428e93) MUIM_CreateShortHelp  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428d73) MUIM_CustomBackfill  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004211af) MUIM_DeleteBubble  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423037) MUIM_DeleteDragImage  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d35a) MUIM_DeleteShortHelp  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004216bb) MUIM_DoDrag  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c03a) MUIM_DragBegin  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c555) MUIM_DragDrop  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004251f0) MUIM_DragFinish  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420261) MUIM_DragQuery  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042edad) MUIM_DragReport  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426f3f) MUIM_Draw  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004238ca) MUIM_DrawBackground  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042491a) MUIM_GoActive  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422c0c) MUIM_GoInactive  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426d66) MUIM_HandleEvent  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422a1a) MUIM_HandleInput  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f20f) MUIM_Hide  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428354) MUIM_Setup  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042cc84) MUIM_Show  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042545b) MUIA_Background X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e552) MUIA_BottomEdge     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b704) MUIA_ContextMenu X X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a2c1) MUIA_ContextMenuTrigger     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042120b) MUIA_ControlChar X X X   char
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420a63) MUIA_CustomBackfill X        
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421ce7) MUIA_CycleChain X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423661) MUIA_Disabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420b6e) MUIA_Draggable X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fbce) MUIA_Dropable X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004294a3) MUIA_FillArea X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a92b) MUIA_FixHeight X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004276f2) MUIA_FixHeightTxt X       STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a3f1) MUIA_FixWidth X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d044) MUIA_FixWidthTxt X       STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042be50) MUIA_Font X   X   struct TextFont *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ac64) MUIA_Frame X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ed76) MUIA_FramePhantomHoriz X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d1c7) MUIA_FrameTitle X       STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423237) MUIA_Height     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429615) MUIA_HorizDisappear X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426db9) MUIA_HorizWeight X X X   WORD
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f2c0) MUIA_InnerBottom X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004228f8) MUIA_InnerLeft X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004297ff) MUIA_InnerRight X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421eb6) MUIA_InnerTop X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fb04) MUIA_InputMode X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bec6) MUIA_LeftEdge     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004293e4) MUIA_MaxHeight X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f112) MUIA_MaxWidth X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423535) MUIA_Pressed     X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ba82) MUIA_RightEdge     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042654b) MUIA_Selected X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428fe3) MUIA_ShortHelp X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429ba8) MUIA_ShowMe X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042caac) MUIA_ShowSelState X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426435) MUIA_Timer     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042509b) MUIA_TopEdge     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d12f) MUIA_VertDisappear X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004298d0) MUIA_VertWeight X X X   WORD
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421d1f) MUIA_Weight X       WORD
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b59c) MUIA_Width     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421591) MUIA_Window     X   struct Window *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042669e) MUIA_WindowObject     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d76e) MUIA_ExportID X X X   ULONG

Class: Balance.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Bitmap.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004279bd) MUIA_Bitmap_Bitmap X X X   struct BitMap *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421560) MUIA_Bitmap_Height X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e23d) MUIA_Bitmap_MappingTable X X X   UBYTE *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420c74) MUIA_Bitmap_Precision X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423a47) MUIA_Bitmap_RemappedBitmap     X   struct BitMap *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425360) MUIA_Bitmap_SourceColors X X X   ULONG *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422805) MUIA_Bitmap_Transparent X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004239d8) MUIA_Bitmap_UseFriend X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042eb3a) MUIA_Bitmap_Width X X X   LONG

Class: Bodychunk.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ca67) MUIA_Bodychunk_Body X X X   UBYTE *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042de5f) MUIA_Bodychunk_Compression X X X   UBYTE
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c392) MUIA_Bodychunk_Depth X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423b0e) MUIA_Bodychunk_Masking X X X   UBYTE

Class: Boopsi.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426999) MUIA_Boopsi_Class X X X   struct IClass *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bfa3) MUIA_Boopsi_ClassID X X X   char *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042757f) MUIA_Boopsi_MaxHeight X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bcb1) MUIA_Boopsi_MaxWidth X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422c93) MUIA_Boopsi_MinHeight X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428fb2) MUIA_Boopsi_MinWidth X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420178) MUIA_Boopsi_Object     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f4bd) MUIA_Boopsi_Remember X       ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b8d7) MUIA_Boopsi_Smart X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bae7) MUIA_Boopsi_TagDrawInfo X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bc71) MUIA_Boopsi_TagScreen X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e11d) MUIA_Boopsi_TagWindow X X X   ULONG

Class: Coloradjust.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420eaa) MUIA_Coloradjust_Red X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004285ab) MUIA_Coloradjust_Green X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b8a3) MUIA_Coloradjust_Blue X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f899) MUIA_Coloradjust_RGB X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ec59) MUIA_Coloradjust_ModeID X X X   ULONG

Class: Colorfield.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042713a) MUIA_Colorfield_Pen     X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004279f6) MUIA_Colorfield_Red X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424466) MUIA_Colorfield_Green X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d3b0) MUIA_Colorfield_Blue X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042677a) MUIA_Colorfield_RGB X X X   ULONG *

Class: Configdata.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Cycle.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421788) MUIA_Cycle_Active X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420629) MUIA_Cycle_Entries X       STRPTR

Class: Dataspace.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423366) MUIM_Dataspace_Add  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b6c9) MUIM_Dataspace_Clear  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042832c) MUIM_Dataspace_Find  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423e2b) MUIM_Dataspace_Merge  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420dfb) MUIM_Dataspace_ReadIFF  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dce1) MUIM_Dataspace_Remove  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425e8e) MUIM_Dataspace_WriteIFF  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424cf9) MUIA_Dataspace_Pool X       APTR

Class: Family.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e200) MUIM_Family_AddHead  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d752) MUIM_Family_AddTail  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424d34) MUIM_Family_Insert  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f8a9) MUIM_Family_Remove  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421c49) MUIM_Family_Sort  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c14a) MUIM_Family_Transfer  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c696) MUIA_Family_Child X       Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424b9e) MUIA_Family_List     X   struct MinList *

Class: Frameadjust.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Framedisplay.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421794) MUIA_Framedisplay_Spec X X X   struct MUI_FrameSpec *

Class: Gauge.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f0dd) MUIA_Gauge_Current X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d8df) MUIA_Gauge_Divide X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004232dd) MUIA_Gauge_Horiz X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bf15) MUIA_Gauge_InfoText X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bcdb) MUIA_Gauge_Max X X X   LONG

Class: Group.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d1cc) MUIM_Group_ExitChange  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420887) MUIM_Group_InitChange  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x80427417) MUIM_Group_Sort  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424199) MUIA_Group_ActivePage X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004226e6) MUIA_Group_Child X       Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424748) MUIA_Group_ChildList     X   struct List *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f416) MUIA_Group_Columns X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421422) MUIA_Group_Forward   X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042536b) MUIA_Group_Horiz X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c651) MUIA_Group_HorizSpacing X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c3b2) MUIA_Group_LayoutHook X       struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421a5f) MUIA_Group_PageMode X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b68f) MUIA_Group_Rows X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042037e) MUIA_Group_SameHeight X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420860) MUIA_Group_SameSize X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b3ec) MUIA_Group_SameWidth X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042866d) MUIA_Group_Spacing X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e1bf) MUIA_Group_VertSpacing X X X   LONG

Class: Imageadjust.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422f2b) MUIA_Imageadjust_Type X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004279e1) MUIA_Imageadjust_Spec     X   char *

Class: Imagedisplay.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a547) MUIA_Imagedisplay_Spec X X X   struct MUI_ImageSpec *

Class: Image.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042815d) MUIA_Image_FontMatch X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429f26) MUIA_Image_FontMatchHeight X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004239bf) MUIA_Image_FontMatchWidth X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042da84) MUIA_Image_FreeHoriz X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ea28) MUIA_Image_FreeVert X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424f3d) MUIA_Image_OldImage X       struct Image *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004233d5) MUIA_Image_Spec X       char *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a3ad) MUIA_Image_State X X     LONG

Class: List.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ad89) MUIM_List_Clear  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421b68) MUIM_List_Compare  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d662) MUIM_List_Construct  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429804) MUIM_List_CreateImage  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420f58) MUIM_List_DeleteImage  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427d51) MUIM_List_Destruct  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425377) MUIM_List_Display  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042468c) MUIM_List_Exchange  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004280ec) MUIM_List_GetEntry  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426c87) MUIM_List_Insert  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004254d5) MUIM_List_InsertSingle  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042baab) MUIM_List_Jump  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004253c2) MUIM_List_Move  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425f17) MUIM_List_NextSelected  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427993) MUIM_List_Redraw  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042647e) MUIM_List_Remove  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004252d8) MUIM_List_Select  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422275) MUIM_List_Sort  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425f48) MUIM_List_TestPos  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042391c) MUIA_List_Active X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042850d) MUIA_List_AdjustHeight X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042354a) MUIA_List_AdjustWidth X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a445) MUIA_List_AutoVisible X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425c14) MUIA_List_CompareHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042894f) MUIA_List_ConstructHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004297ce) MUIA_List_DestructHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b4d5) MUIA_List_DisplayHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426099) MUIA_List_DragSortable X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042aba6) MUIA_List_DropMark     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421654) MUIA_List_Entries     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004238d4) MUIA_List_First     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423c0a) MUIA_List_Format X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d0cd) MUIA_List_InsertPosition     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d1c3) MUIA_List_MinLineHeight X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c2c6) MUIA_List_MultiTestHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423431) MUIA_List_Pool X       APTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a4eb) MUIA_List_PoolPuddleSize X       ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c48c) MUIA_List_PoolThreshSize X       ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d8c7) MUIA_List_Quiet   X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c6f3) MUIA_List_ShowDropMarks X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c0a0) MUIA_List_SourceArray X       APTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423e66) MUIA_List_Title X X X   char *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042191f) MUIA_List_Visible     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a8f5) MUIA_List_Prop_Entries   X X X LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004273e9) MUIA_List_Prop_Visible   X X X LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429df3) MUIA_List_Prop_First   X X X LONG

Class: Floattext.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dc03) MUIA_Floattext_Justify X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425c7d) MUIA_Floattext_SkipChars X X     STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427d17) MUIA_Floattext_TabSize X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d16a) MUIA_Floattext_Text X X X   STRPTR

Class: Volumelist.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Scrmodelist.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Dirlist.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422d71) MUIM_Dirlist_ReRead  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042760a) MUIA_Dirlist_AcceptPattern X X     STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ea41) MUIA_Dirlist_Directory X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b379) MUIA_Dirlist_DrawersOnly X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042896a) MUIA_Dirlist_FilesOnly X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424ad2) MUIA_Dirlist_FilterDrawers X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ae19) MUIA_Dirlist_FilterHook X X     struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428653) MUIA_Dirlist_MultiSelDirs X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429e26) MUIA_Dirlist_NumBytes     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429cb8) MUIA_Dirlist_NumDrawers     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a6f0) MUIA_Dirlist_NumFiles     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426176) MUIA_Dirlist_Path     X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424808) MUIA_Dirlist_RejectIcons X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004259c7) MUIA_Dirlist_RejectPattern X X     STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bbb9) MUIA_Dirlist_SortDirs X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421896) MUIA_Dirlist_SortHighLow X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004228bc) MUIA_Dirlist_SortType X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004240de) MUIA_Dirlist_Status     X   LONG

Class: Listview.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d1b3) MUIA_Listview_ClickColumn     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b296) MUIA_Listview_DefClickColumn X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424635) MUIA_Listview_DoubleClick X   X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425cd3) MUIA_Listview_DragType X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042682d) MUIA_Listview_Input X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bcce) MUIA_Listview_List X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427e08) MUIA_Listview_MultiSelect X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b1b4) MUIA_Listview_ScrollerPos X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042178f) MUIA_Listview_SelectChange     X   BOOL

Class: Menustrip.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042815b) MUIA_Menustrip_Enabled X X X   BOOL

Class: Menu.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ed48) MUIA_Menu_Enabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a0e3) MUIA_Menu_Title X X X   STRPTR

Class: Menuitem.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042562a) MUIA_Menuitem_Checked X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425ace) MUIA_Menuitem_Checkit X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b9cc) MUIA_Menuitem_CommandString X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ae0f) MUIA_Menuitem_Enabled X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420bc6) MUIA_Menuitem_Exclude X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422030) MUIA_Menuitem_Shortcut X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004218be) MUIA_Menuitem_Title X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424d5c) MUIA_Menuitem_Toggle X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426f32) MUIA_Menuitem_Trigger     X   struct MenuItem *

Class: Notify.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b96b) MUIM_CallHook  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420f1c) MUIM_Export  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c196) MUIM_FindUData  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423edb) MUIM_GetConfigItem  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ed0c) MUIM_GetUData  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d012) MUIM_Import  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d240) MUIM_KillNotify  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b145) MUIM_KillNotifyObj  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d356) MUIM_MultiSet  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042216f) MUIM_NoNotifySet  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c9cb) MUIM_Notify  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042549a) MUIM_Set  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422590) MUIM_SetAsString  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c920) MUIM_SetUData  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ca19) MUIM_SetUDataOnce  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428d86) MUIM_WriteLong  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424bf4) MUIM_WriteString  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d3ee) MUIA_ApplicationObject     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421955) MUIA_AppMessage     X   struct AppMessage *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a825) MUIA_HelpLine X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420b85) MUIA_HelpNode X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004237f9) MUIA_NoNotify   X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d76e) MUIA_ObjectID X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e35f) MUIA_Parent     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427eaa) MUIA_Revision     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420313) MUIA_UserData X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422301) MUIA_Version     X   LONG

Class: Numeric.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004243a7) MUIM_Numeric_Decrease  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426ecd) MUIM_Numeric_Increase  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042032c) MUIM_Numeric_ScaleToValue  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ab0a) MUIM_Numeric_SetDefault  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424891) MUIM_Numeric_Stringify  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423e4f) MUIM_Numeric_ValueToScale  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421594) MUIA_Numeric_CheckAllSizes X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004263e8) MUIA_Numeric_Default X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004263e9) MUIA_Numeric_Format X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d78a) MUIA_Numeric_Max X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e404) MUIA_Numeric_Min X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f2a0) MUIA_Numeric_Reverse X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004294a7) MUIA_Numeric_RevLeftRight X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004252dd) MUIA_Numeric_RevUpDown X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ae3a) MUIA_Numeric_Value X X X   LONG

Class: Penadjust.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421cbb) MUIA_Penadjust_PSIMode X       BOOL

Class: Pendisplay.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004243a7) MUIM_Pendisplay_SetColormap  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426ecd) MUIM_Pendisplay_SetMUIPen  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042032c) MUIM_Pendisplay_SetRGB  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a748) MUIA_Pendisplay_Pen     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dc24) MUIA_Pendisplay_Reference X X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a1a9) MUIA_Pendisplay_RGBcolor X X X   struct MUI_RGBcolor *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a204) MUIA_Pendisplay_Spec X X X   struct MUI_PenSpec *

Class: Popasl.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421b37) MUIA_Popasl_Active     X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b703) MUIA_Popasl_StartHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d8d2) MUIA_Popasl_StopHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042df3d) MUIA_Popasl_Type X   X   ULONG

Class: Popframe.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Popimage.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Popobject.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424cb5) MUIA_Popobject_Follow X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a5a3) MUIA_Popobject_Light X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004293e3) MUIA_Popobject_Object X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042db44) MUIA_Popobject_ObjStrHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fbe1) MUIA_Popobject_StrObjHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004252ec) MUIA_Popobject_Volatile X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f194) MUIA_Popobject_WindowHook X X X   struct Hook *

Class: Poplist.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042084c) MUIA_Poplist_Array X       char **

Class: Popscreen.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Poppen.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Popstring.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dc52) MUIM_Popstring_Close  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004258ba) MUIM_Popstring_Open  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d0b9) MUIA_Popstring_Button X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004256bf) MUIA_Popstring_CloseHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429d00) MUIA_Popstring_OpenHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004239ea) MUIA_Popstring_String X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422b7a) MUIA_Popstring_Toggle X X X   BOOL

Class: Prop.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420dd1) MUIM_Prop_Decrease  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042cac0) MUIM_Prop_Increase  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fbdb) MUIA_Prop_Entries X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d4b2) MUIA_Prop_First X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f4f3) MUIA_Prop_Horiz X   X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429c3a) MUIA_Prop_Slider X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042deee) MUIA_Prop_UseWinBorder X       LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fea6) MUIA_Prop_Visible X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429839) MUIA_Prop_Release     X X BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427c5e) MUIA_Prop_DeltaFactor X X     LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004236ce) MUIA_Prop_DoSmooth X       LONG

Class: Radio.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429b41) MUIA_Radio_Active X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b6a1) MUIA_Radio_Entries X       STRPTR *

Class: Rectange.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426689) MUIA_Rectangle_BarTitle X   X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c943) MUIA_Rectangle_HBar X   X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422204) MUIA_Rectangle_VBar X   X   BOOL

Class: Register.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042349b) MUIA_Register_Frame X   X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004297ec) MUIA_Register_Titles X   X   STRPTR

Class: Scale.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042919a) MUIA_Scale_Horiz X X X   BOOL

Class: Scrollbar.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fb6b) MUIA_Scrollbar_Type X       LONG

Class: Scrollgroup.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421261) MUIA_Scrollgroup_Contents X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004292f3) MUIA_Scrollgroup_FreeHoriz X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004224f2) MUIA_Scrollgroup_FreeVert X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b63d) MUIA_Scrollgroup_HorizBar     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004284c1) MUIA_Scrollgroup_UseWinBorder X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042cdc0) MUIA_Scrollgroup_VertBar     X   Object *

Class: Semaphore.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426ce2) MUIM_Semaphore_Attempt  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422551) MUIM_Semaphore_AttemptShared  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004276f0) MUIM_Semaphore_Obtain  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ea02) MUIM_Semaphore_ObtainShared  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421f2d) MUIM_Semaphore_Release  

Class: Settingsgroup.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427043) MUIM_Settingsgroup_ConfigToGadgets  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425242) MUIM_Settingsgroup_GadgetsToConfig  

Class: Settings.mui

No documented methods or attributes.

Class: Slider.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042fad1) MUIA_Slider_Horiz X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420b26) MUIA_Slider_Quiet X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ae3a) MUIA_Slider_Level X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042d78a) MUIA_Slider_Max X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e404) MUIA_Slider_Min X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f2a0) MUIA_Slider_Reverse X X X   BOOL

Class: String.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e3e1) MUIA_String_Accept X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042026c) MUIA_String_Acknowledge     X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004226de) MUIA_String_AdvanceOnCR X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420fd2) MUIA_String_AttachedList X X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428b6c) MUIA_String_BufferPos   X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428ffd) MUIA_String_Contents X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ccbf) MUIA_String_DisplayPos   X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424c33) MUIA_String_EditHook X X X   struct Hook *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427484) MUIA_String_Format X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426e8a) MUIA_String_Integer X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421569) MUIA_String_LonelyEditHook X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424984) MUIA_String_MaxLen X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042179c) MUIA_String_Reject X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428769) MUIA_String_Secret X   X   BOOL

Class: Text.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042f8dc) MUIA_Text_Contents X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004218ff) MUIA_Text_HiChar X       char
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004214f5) MUIA_Text_HiCharIdx X       char
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042566d) MUIA_Text_PreParse X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424d0a) MUIA_Text_SetMax X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424e10) MUIA_Text_SetMin X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420d8b) MUIA_Text_SetVMax X       BOOL

Class: Window.mui

Identifier Name P
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422cc0) MUIM_Window_ActionIconify  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004203b7) MUIM_Window_AddEventHandler  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ab26) MUIM_Window_Cleanup  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042679e) MUIM_Window_RemEventHandler  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042913d) MUIM_Window_ScreenToBack  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004227a4) MUIM_Window_ScreenToFront  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c34c) MUIM_Window_Setup  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042945e) MUIM_Window_Snapshot  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042152e) MUIM_Window_ToBack  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042554f) MUIM_Window_ToFront  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420414) MUIM_Window_GetMenuCheck  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00420d2f) MUIM_Window_GetMenuState  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426510) MUIM_Window_SetCycleChain  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422243) MUIM_Window_SetMenuCheck  
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422b5e) MUIM_Window_SetMenuState  
Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428d2f) MUIA_Window_Activate X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427925) MUIA_Window_ActiveObject   X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042cce3) MUIA_Window_AltHeight X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00422d65) MUIA_Window_AltLeftEdge X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e99b) MUIA_Window_AltTopEdge X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004260f4) MUIA_Window_AltWidth X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004280cf) MUIA_Window_AppWindow X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c0bb) MUIA_Window_Backdrop X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429b79) MUIA_Window_Borderless X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042a110) MUIA_Window_CloseGadget X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e86e) MUIA_Window_CloseRequest     X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004294d7) MUIA_Window_DefaultObject X X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00421923) MUIA_Window_DepthGadget X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424c36) MUIA_Window_DisableKeys X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042045d) MUIA_Window_DragBar X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bd0e) MUIA_Window_FancyDrawing X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425846) MUIA_Window_Height X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004201bd) MUIA_Window_ID X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004247d8) MUIA_Window_InputEvent     X   struct InputEvent *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042b5aa) MUIA_Window_IsSubWindow X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426c65) MUIA_Window_LeftEdge X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427521) MUIA_Window_MenuAction X X X   ULONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042855e) MUIA_Window_Menustrip X   X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042bf9b) MUIA_Window_MouseObject     X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042372a) MUIA_Window_NeedsMouseObject X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429df5) MUIA_Window_NoMenus X X     BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00428aa0) MUIA_Window_Open   X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004278e4) MUIA_Window_PublicScreen X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004201f4) MUIA_Window_RefWindow X X     Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042cba5) MUIA_Window_RootObject X X X   Object *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042df4f) MUIA_Window_Screen X X X   struct Screen *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x004234b0) MUIA_Window_ScreenTitle X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e33d) MUIA_Window_SizeGadget X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424780) MUIA_Window_SizeRight X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042e7db) MUIA_Window_Sleep   X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042ad3d) MUIA_Window_Title X X X   STRPTR
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427c66) MUIA_Window_TopEdge X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00424e79) MUIA_Window_UseBottomBorderScroller X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042433e) MUIA_Window_UseLeftBorderScroller X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042c05e) MUIA_Window_UseRightBorderScroller X X X   BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042dcae) MUIA_Window_Width X   X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00426a42) MUIA_Window_Window     X   struct Window *
(MUIB_MUI | 0x0042db94) MUIA_Window_Menu X       struct NewMenu *

Class: Virtgroup.mui

Identifier Name I S G P Type
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00423038) MUIA_Virtgroup_Height     X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427f7e) MUIA_Virtgroup_Input X       BOOL
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00429371) MUIA_Virtgroup_Left X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00425200) MUIA_Virtgroup_Top X X X   LONG
(MUIB_MUI | 0x00427c49) MUIA_Virtgroup_Width     X   LONG

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