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AROS 1.0 Roadmap Recommendations


1. AmigaOS 3.1 API compatibility.

  • Implement printer.device and a PDF-printer driver
  • Implement FileSys.resource
  • Complete workbench.library

3. Completed GUI tool-kit.

  • Finish API completeness review
  • Implement MUIA_AppMessage support
  • Implement MUIM_Import/MUIM_Export for classes and properties listed in documentation of MUIM_Application_Load
  • ARexx support in Application class (MUIA_Application_RexxHook, MUIA_Application_RexxMsg, MUIA_Application_RexxString)
  • Support for opening windows on custom screens specified in Zune Prefs
  • Drag & Drop support in Listviews and Lists (MUIA_Listview_DragType, MUIA_List_DragSortable, MUIA_List_DropMark, MUIA_List_ShowDropMarks)
  • Further decision made after review finished

4. Standard applications comparable to those which come with AmigaOS 3.1.

  • Implement printer preferences editor
  • Add AppIcon support to Wanderer
  • Add AppMenus support to Wanderer
  • Add AppWindows support to Wanderer
  • Add DropZones support to Wanderer
  • Add support for displaying icons for NDOS volumes
  • Add support for positioning icons by coordinates
  • Add support for editing default icons properties via Icon->Information
  • Implement IconEdit application

7. Self-hosted development environment and SDK for developers.

  • ABI_V1 implemented and merged with main trunk - C library and ETask - dos.library compatibility - Retest changes on x86 native - Write (i386) ABI reference manual - SysBase location - How to extend OS3.x shared libraries - Varargs handling - C library
  • Port SVN client tools to AROS

8. Comprehensive documentation for developers.

  • Maintain up-to-date autodocs
  • Maintain up-to-date HIDD subsystem documentation
  • Write description of modular kernel architecture
  • Write explanation of AROS basic data type, use and relation to C data types
  • Write explanation of differences between resources, libraries, devices and handlers
  • Write description of graphics and USB HIDDs
  • Write following "How to" documents - these documents should cover the defined topic and be accompanied with a source code example of working modules: - How to compile modules and interact with the AROS build system - How to compile modules outside the AROS build system - How to write a command line application - How to write a BOOPSI application - How to write a Zune application - How to write a network application - How to write a commodity application - How to write a datatype - How to write a AROSTCP network driver - How to write a GFX HIDD driver - How to write an AHI sound driver - How to write a printer driver - How to write an AROS dynamic library - How to write a BOOPSI/Zune class - How to port *nix software to AROS - Basics
  • Further topics definition needed

9. Comprehensive documentation for users.

  • Write following "How to" documents: - How to configure your network manually - How to configure your network with a DHCP client - How to write AmigaOS scripts
  • Further topics definition needed

10. Substantial testing and bug hunting complete.

  • Complete items: 1, 3, 4, 7
  • Feature freeze
  • Deliver release candidates schedule

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