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List [(dir | pattern | filename)] [ PAT (pattern)] [KEYS] [DATES]
     [NODATES] [TO (name)] [SUB (string)] [SINCE (date)] [UPTO (date)]




Lists detailed information about the files and directories in the
current directory or in the directory specified by DIR.

The information for each file or directory is presented on a separate
line, containing the following information:

size (in bytes)
protection bits
date and time


DIR           --  The directory to list. If left out, the current
                  directory will be listed.
PAT           --  Display only files matching 'string'
KEYS          --  Display the block number of each file or directory
DATES         --  Always display the full modification date of files
                  and directories instead of a day name.
NODATES       --  Don't display dates
TO (name)     --  Write the listing to a file instead of stdout
SUB (string)  --  Display only files, a substring of which matches
                  the substring 'string'
SINCE (date)  --  Display only files newer than 'date'
UPTO (date)   --  Display only files older than 'date'
QUICK         --  Display only the names of files
BLOCK         --  File sizes are in blocks of 512 bytes
NOHEAD        --  Don't print any header information
FILES         --  Display files only
DIRS          --  Display directories only
LFORMAT       --  Specify the list output in printf-style
ALL           --  List the contents of directories recursively

The following attributes of the LFORMAT strings are available

%A  --  file attributes
%B  --  size of file in blocks rather than bytes
%C  --  file comment
%D  --  modification date
%E  --  file extension
%F  --  absolute file path, with volume label
%K  --  file key block number
%L  --  size of file in bytes
%M  --  file name without extension
%N  --  file name
%P  --  file path
%S  --  superseded by %N and %P; obsolete
%T  --  modification time

Additionally, the following modifiers, each optional, can be used,
in this order, following the % character:

left-justify         --  minus sign
field width minimum  --  value
value width maximum  --  dot value

Value width maximum is not available for all numeric fields.


Standard DOS return codes.


1> List C:
Directory "c:" on Wednesday 12/18/14:
Assign                      6548 ---rwed Saturday    01:12:16
Copy                       17772 ---rwed Saturday    01:12:24
AddBuffers                  5268 ---rwed Saturday    01:14:46
Avail                       8980 ---rwed Saturday    01:14:51
Delete                      8756 ---rwed Saturday    01:14:59
Install                    13024 ---rwed Saturday    01:15:09
List                       20228 ---rwed Today       12:06:38
Which                       7840 ---rwed Saturday    01:16:09
8 file - 167 blocks used
1> List C: lformat "[%10.5M] -- >%-4b<"
[     Assig] -- >13  <
[      Copy] -- >35  <
[     AddBu] -- >11  <
[     Avail] -- >18  <
[     Delet] -- >18  <
[     Insta] -- >26  <
[      List] -- >40  <
[     Which] -- >16  <

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