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ChangeTaskPri <priority> [ PROCESS <process number> ]




The ChangeTaskPri command is used to change the current run
priority of a Task. As AROS is a multitasking operating
system, you can determine which tasks receive more CPU time
by changing their priorities.

The value of |priority| can be from -128 to 127, however values
greater than 4 are not recommended as they can interfere with
vital system processes. Higher values will give tasks a higher
CPU priority.

You can use the Status command to examine the list of Tasks that
are running and their process numbers.


1.SYS:> ChangeTaskPri 1 Process 1

    Set the priority of the current process to 1.

1.SYS:> ChangeTaskPri 1

    Also sets the priority of the current process to 1.

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