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Xmas update

Author:Paolo Besser

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! It has been an important year for AROS development, and we'd really like to thank every AROS fan, tester and contributor for the magnificent results (y)our operating system has obtained.

But, while waiting for the first status updates of 2007, why don't you listen to the best Xmas songs with AROSAmp, the first GUI-driven MP3 player for AROS? You may find it here

And, if you'd like to look at your old digital photos, maybe you'd be interested in Pawel Stefanski's imageviewer for Morphos, which has been recently ported to AROS.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

Our latest status update is about three months old, but in the meanwhile we didn't sit somewhere doing nothing. Lots of improvements and bugfixes have been made to several components of AROS, in order to make it work better.

Nightly builds for the PPC-hosted flavor of AROS are finally available in our download page.

Christoph Szczecina added initial support for drag'n'drop file copying to Wanderer, allowing a smarter approach to file management. This initial commit allows copying only a single file from one directory to another, but it's a beginning. Beta testers may find this new feature in the latest nightly builds. Other developers added window position saving and icon listing support.

Staf Verhaegen is updating developers' documentation. Lots of things have changed in the last 24 months and our manual pages were just a little outdated. Thanks to Staf, new AROS developers may find useful information on this website.

Thanks to Bernd Roesch and Georg Steger, all important features needed to replace MUI in most Amiga programs have been added to Zune. Michal Schulz added write support to the PNG datatype, making icon and image editing easier on AROS.

AROS in the news

OSNews has published an article about some of the issues surrounding OS-recreation projects. Further on, it examines two platforms and the related re-creation OSes, one of those being AROS itself.

The AROS Show has interviewed our project leader Aaron Digulla. Click here to read it.


AutoDocReader, software to read developers' documentation in AutoDoc format, has been ported to AROS. AmiGG 0.44.3 has been ported too, by Marcin Kielesinski. This is the first Instant Messenger program for AROS and it supports two protocols popular in Poland: Gadu-Gadu and Tlen. AmiGG also supports mail notifications. You may find a screenshot here, while binaries are here.

Murks! is an Integrated Development Environment for AROS. Murks! uses the same Project File Format that AmiDevCpp uses, so data exchange is possible. To use Murks!, you need the AROS native gcc installed on your system; Windows users can try Murks! using the latest WinAros version containing the native gcc. Full story on AROS-EXEC.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser
Date:2006-09-15 localization continues. Samuel Atlan is working on his French translation of our website. It will take some time to complete, but first pages are already available from the top left menu. Please notice also a new feature of now you can reach localized pages by adding your national prefix to standard url. For instance, you may find the Italian home page using, the russian one with and so on.

AROS in the news

Please read this nice review Dmitar Butrovski has written on It's clearly one of the most complete articles about AROS, covering every feature and each side of our nice operating system. If you don't already know exactly what AROS is, you may get a good idea.


The new 1.20 version of the famous Commodore 8-bit computers line emulator VICE is available for all Amiga platforms, AROS included. You may find it here.

WinAros is a preinstalled AROS environment installed on a HD image, compatible with famous virtual machines QEMU and Microsoft VirtualPC, both freely available on the net. You may download QEMU Winaros here and the VirtualPC one here. Heinz-Raphael Reinke has also written a complete AROS installation on hard disk guide in PDF format. If you prefer, there is also a German version. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, FoxIt Reader or aPDF/xPDF to read them.

Installation Kit for AROS (IKAROS) is a set of virtual disk images for different virtualisers, including QEMU and VMware, already partitioned, formatted, and ready to install AROS on. Its benefits are its small archive size, as it doesn't include large amount of files, and the possbility to install fresh AROS versions, which make it useful for testing the nightly builds. It allows easy installation of new versions without messing with partition setup. Installation instructions included. Please check Aros-Exec for recent updates.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser
Date:2006-08-28 pages are available in two more languages: thanks to Sergey Mineychew our website speaks now Russian, while Tomasz Paul is still working on its Polish translation. Just click on top left menu to reach new pages. Sergey is also working on russian locales of AROS applications.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

Thanks to Matthias Rustler, we've got also a German located at But you don't have to remember every language's home page: we added a nice international menu on the left. Just select you preferred language, and bookmark in for your convenience.

New PPC snapshot!

There is a new binary snapshot for hosted AROS-PPC! Just go to Sourceforge website and download it! Here's the release notes: "This release depends on glibc 2.3.2 or newer. You need to give AROS some more RAM than the default allocation of 16 MB (leaves about 4 MB for applications). Start it using: ./aros -m 64 This will allocate 64 MB. As with all X11 hosted AROS versions you need to add Option "BackingStore" to the Device section of xorg.conf"

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

Internationally AROS

Thanks to Neil Cafferkey, Adam Chodorowski, Daniel Holmen and Paolo Besser, has now its Finnish and Italian counterparts. Translations of this website are now available at these nice new addresses:

Finnish Italian

Finnish translation is almost complete, while Italian one is still a work in progress. does support German translation too, but only a few pages are already available. If you wish to contribute localizations of our web pages, well... please apply to the development mailing list.

AROS means art

Hogne "M0ns00n" Titlestad has released Lunapaint v0.2 for i386/AROS. The app can save and open projects, make animations and export images. Initial stability issues in hosted AROS has been resolved, and Lunapaint works fine also on native. You can see screenshots here and read a nice interview on The Aros Show. Download it from the Archives!

Other news

Mathias Roslund has ported the famous Commodore 8-bit computers line emulator VICE to all Amiga platforms, AROS included. Please note that the AROS version is still highly experimental. You may find it here.

Tomasz Wiszkowski has ported FryingPan and CoFEE to AROS. FryingPan is CD/DVD burner software, while CoFEE is a CD/DVD copy program. They work partially on AROS due to lack of ATAPI and SCSI commands. In order to speed up their implementation, TeamAROS has started a new bounty

Randy Vice and Oliver Adams have completely renewed the TeamAROS website, with more stylish graphics and a brand new service: Bounty Subscriptions. Now "you can support TeamAROS by a monthly subscription of $5 USD or $10 USD and that gives you a vote on TeamAROS-Benefactors ML on which bounty deserves that month's cash donation. This is a painless method since PayPal will deduct the money automatically each month. Set and forget, can't be made much easier than that"

Bernd Roesch and Georg Steger are fixing bugs and adding new features to Zune, while other AROS developers are still working hard on other issues of the operating system.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

Radeon hidd

Michal Schulz has done it again: the day every ATI fanboy was waiting for has finaly come! AROS has got its Radeon driver - pardon - hidd, so it's now possible to access Radeon cards directly and forget the old VESA modes. All Radeon owners are encouraged to download tonight's nightly build and test it. down

Due to a change of IP address, our community's website is temporarily down. We apologize for that. The website, its forum and services will be back around March 29th, better and stronger than before.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

New snapshot!

After some time of testing, a new snapshot of the Amiga Research Operating System has been released, based on Feb. 7 nightly build. We encourage you to download, try it and eventually report bugs. Minimum specs for native version of AROS is a standard PC with PS/2 mouse and keyboard (USB not supported), a VESA compatible video card, 64 MB of system RAM and 4x ATAPI CD-ROM drive. This release offers audio and network support, limited to comptabile chipsets and adaptors. The new snapshot is available in this site's download page.

Status update

Author:Paolo Besser

This is the first status update of 2006, and we wish to thank all AROS users, sponsors and enthusiasts for their support: at the beginning of 2005 AROS-Exec had about 250 members, now this number has doubled with more than 500 (and growing). During these months AROS has achieved some key goals such as network support, CVS to Subversion migration and PPC porting. More and more applications had been ported or added, lots of bugs have been fixed, and there's also a flavour of AROS running on top of classic AmigaOS, in order to modernize it. We're all sure that 2006 will be a very interesting year for AROS. And now, let's go with our fresh news...

Georg Steger has fixed input preferences for mouse, in order to improve mice tracking and pointer precision on the screen.

Matthias Rustler has updated documentation for users and developers, adding some nice hints and removing obsolete informations. You'll find signs of his work throughout this site. Matthias has also commited ExecuteStartup, a little tool that executes whatever application you'll copy in the SYS:WBstartup drawer.


Thanks to Nick Andrews and Jack Patton AROS has got IRC and Telnet clients. In order to enable networking on hosted version of AROS, Michal Schulz has commited a .tap interface hidd for all Unix targets.

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