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Search [FROM] {(name | pattern} [SEARCH] (string | pattern) [ALL]


Search looks through the files contained in the FROM directory for
a specified string (SEARCH); in case the ALL switch is specified,
the subdirectories of the FROM directory are also searched. The name
of all files containing the SEARCH string is displayed together with
the numbers of the lines where the string occurred.
    If CTRL-C is pressed, the search will be abandoned. CTRL-D will
abandon searching the current file.


NONUM    --  no line numbers are printed
QUIET    --  don't display the name of the file being searched
QUICK    --  more compact output
FILE     --  look for a file with a specific name rather than a string
             in a file
PATTERN  --  use pattern matching when searching
CASE     --  use case sensitive pattern matching when searching
LINES    --  extra lines after a line match which should be shown


If the object is found, the condition flag is set to 0. Otherwise it's
set to WARN.

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